Animation Industry in India

Film and television producers from North America and Europe recognize the Indian Animation industry's ability to offer creativity coupled with technical excellence to deliver the content needed by them for online education, gaming and animation studios as well as film makers. The demand is further driven up by the preference for cinematic effects and animation rather than live-action shots in commercials, web series, movies, and OTT. Hyderabad is one of the major hubs for animation studios in the country.

The growth of animation and the evolution of VFX technologies together are driving the demand for content, to reach INR 24.5 billion market size, with the industry retaining its promise even during the pandemic. According to a research report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the Indian animation and visual effects industry has the potential to grab 20 to 25% of the worldwide AVGC market. Another study expects this sector to provide 75,000 to 125,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2025.

About SML

Sriven has established an international recognition and reputation for its expertise in Animation production on the basis of its earlier promotional efforts as well as the projects handled. At SML, the business processes for delivering animation content for global clients have been standardized and built the necessary credibility in executing overseas orders successfully by producing international quality animation content.

Our Services

  1. 2D/3D Animation for TV
  2. Special effects for movies
  3. Games for mobile and PCs

The differentiation offered by our business model is the process through which we integrate these our core skills to re-purpose the work done in each area to enable the delivery of information through various channels, to suit the specific needs of our customers in each segment.

2D Animation

We shall continue to execute outsourced animation projects as a service or as co-production efforts. We propose to undertake in-house production efforts to animate the rich and timeless tales of India, which are the legacy of India’s 350 Crore Children. While the Indian continent itself offers a huge potential for this venture, an additional market can be found in the 20 million-strong NRI segment. The potential offered by Animation extends to merchandising, which is possible with such production venture.

3D Animation

We shall build the necessary infrastructure to handle projects in 3D and train skilled Software professionals to move into 3D animation market with special focus on developing skill sets to handle work for the movie industry.


Indian gaming industry (comprising of console games, PC games, online games and wireless games) is estimated at US$ 50 million. The Indian market is currently witnessing a strong market in wireless games but there is an emerging opportunity in this field which can be realised with better infrastructure and trained personnel - to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the US$ 25 billion global gaming industry.


The mobile phone is emerging as an option to offer several types of content. Sriven proposes to be in the forefront of developing the content required for mobile-based delivery to smartphones to cater to the 50% CAGR growth in this industry.